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At Bauer Custom Homes, we believe that the interior design of your home is equally as important as the quality, craftsmanship and overall construction that goes into building it. We also know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions that will need to be made when it comes to building your dream home.

Which is why we’ve aligned ourselves with a highly sought-after interior design firm who not only understands the custom home building process but is equally invested in taking the time to understand you, your family and the goals you envision for your dream home.

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with Elegant Simplicity and their talented team of design professionals to create beautiful homes for our clients. From having a beautiful portfolio and an organized process to communicating with clients and contractors, we could not recommend a better interior design firm to incorporate into your custom home building process.

Founded in 2009 by John and Sherri Monte

Elegant Simplicity is full-service and award-winning interior design and professional organizing firm. Since then, they are no stranger to highly-renowned international and national publications such as Architectural Digest, Southern Living, NBC News, Yahoo Lifestyle, and Readers Digest.

One of the things that makes Elegant Simplicity unique to many other design firms is their approach to designing your home around –– everything you need and nothing more. Their goal is to not only design a beautiful + functional interior but to ensure that every decision you make along the way comes from a place of purpose and intentionality in how you envision living in your new home.

From designing luxury kitchens and master bathrooms, selecting fixtures and finishes throughout the interior of your home, to furnishing and styling your living room, Elegant Simplicity provides a proven process that they’ve perfected over the years. Knowledge and expertise to guide you in the decision making process as well as clarity and confidence in knowing what you truly want and need.

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