Our Building Process

At Bauer Custom Homes, our team of professionals are ready to guide you through the process of building the custom home of your dreams. As a comprehensive custom building company, we cover all aspects of your build – from land acquisition down to the final walk through. We understand exactly what goes into this process, and how to achieve the best results for our clients.

Throughout this process we always remain true to your vision and provide for an individualized experience – we value your partnership and truly work alongside you as a team.

We are proud of our tried and tested custom home building process that provides for an enjoyable experience and exceptional results for our clients. Our process has helped create and maintain our reputation as the premier custom home builder in Suncadia and Tumble Creek.

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Our Process

We are proud of our effective building process that results in our beautiful crafted custom homes.

Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition is the first step in the custom home building process. If you already have an amazing piece of land to build on, great! If not we can connect you with a Suncadia realtor to help you begin the land purchasing process. Once we identify the property we are going to be building on, we have a better understanding of the parameters and requirements of what we can build.

Home Designer

The second step in this process is to create a plan set with our plans designer. At Bauer Custom Homes we have a team of experienced designers whom we work cohesively with to develop the plans for your custom home. If you already have a designer we are happy to work closely with them to use an existing set of plans.

Planning Meetings

We meet with you to discuss your plan requirements, priorities, and budget details. We use this information to determine your project’s feasibility and timeline. We are happy to touch base with you in person at your desired location. We can’t wait to meet you and begin this process!

Suncadia Design Review

Bauer Custom Homes works with DRC to approve your plans. The Suncadia community has strict guidelines regarding the design and material requirements for homes in this area. We are experts at the DRC process – our team has a great relationship with the DRC office and we have no confusion surrounding their expectations. We will submit a preliminary design review and once that is approved, a final design review. The entire review process will take about 3-4 months.


At Bauer Custom Homes, we work with Kittitas County to obtain the permits required for your custom build. Our trusted relationship with Kittitas County allows this process to move along quickly and seamlessly for our clients. We are dedicated to keeping your project on schedule and securing your permits in a timely manner so we can get started on building. Obtaining necessary permitting is usually a 2-3 month process.

Ready for Construction!

Once all the permits are acquired and your plans are finalized, we are ready for construction! Throughout the entire construction phase, our team makes sure your project stays on schedule and within budget. At Bauer Custom Homes, our building process is very systematic and we make sure to stay in constant communication with our clients. From start to finish our custom building process usually takes about 12-months.

Ready to begin your custom home building process?