Our Building Process

We have developed a simple and effective process to build your dream home.

Bauer Custom Homes understands exactly what goes into building the custom home of your dreams. We have streamlined our building process over many years and developed a customer experience that is down to earth and covers all aspects of the build.

01. Land Acquisition

This is the first step in the home building process. If you already have an amazing piece of land, great! If you don’t have land yet, we can help by directing you to an accredited realtor to start the land purchasing process.

02. Architect / Design

The second step in the process we will start the process to develop a plan set. This will require an architect to design and create plans for your new home. If you already have an architect, great. If not, no worries as we work closely with a few.

03. Planning Meetings

The next step in creating the home of your dreams involves a bit of planning for all parties. We like to cover a few different topics and discuss the architecture plan sets, as well as your priorities for the home, budgets, and feasibility.

04. Design Review

Before we submit for permitting and start construction certain communities or homeowners associations may need to sign off on the designs first. Bauer Custom Homes will happily submit and discuss the project with any Design Review Committee.

05. Permitting

Bauer Custom Homes will happily work with all local jurisdictions to obtain the required permits to begin construction. We have a great relationship with many permitting offices across the PNW to make sure your project stays safe and is built to code.

06. Build

Once all the permits are acquired and the plans are finalized we are ready to build your dream home! Our building process is very systematic to make sure your home stays on track and within budget. Great things take time!

Full Custom Homes

Bauer Custom Homes is proud to offer a variety of customizable options for your sweet retreat. Need more closet space? No problem. How about a bathroom fit for a queen? You got it. We can modify everything from plan sets to finishes. We will work diligently and meticulously to create the home of your dreams.

  • Plan Set
  • Building Materials
  • Flooring Finishes
  • Plumbing Finishes
  • Electrical Finishes
  • And more!

Why Bauer Custom Homes?

Pete and Drew run an efficient home building process for a few reasons. We want to ensure that all the important details of the project are captured, and minimize the back and forth with our clients. We can take the time and go over all the important details and make sure we are all on the same page. We are small enough to be dynamic and make quick changes, yet large enough to build your dream custom home!